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Gain contrat Hanoï

RATP Smart Systems wins Hanoi city ticketing contract

We have just signed a three-year contract for the design and supply of the ticketing system for Line 3 of the Hanoi Metro. This project is part of Hanoi’s first master plan, which calls for a network of nine metro lines and three monorail lines by 2050. This project responds to sustained demographic growth and the need to develop clean collective mobility. Metro line 3, the “Nhon-Hanoi Station” section, is considered as the pilot line of the metro network. With a length of 12.5 km (8.5 km overhead, 4 km underground), it will be composed of 12 stations (8 overhead stations and 4 underground stations) in its first phase. It will be put into service by 2021 with the first 8 stations, then in 2022 for the 4 underground stations. In a second phase, it will then be extended to reach up to 48 km.