Hopen Go’N Ticket

An integrated solution combining ticketing fleet,
management and passenger information


Hopen Go’N Ticket is tailored to your needs and to the size of youreet. It is designed for urban and interurban networks with a view to simplifying the operations and
administration of the system.


Hopen Go’N Ticket is based on a scalable and modular architecture to suit multiple sales and distribution strategies. Travellers can buy their tickets from different channels: on board, on mobile phones, at retail outlets or in commercial agencies.


Open by design , Hopen Go’N Ticket provides transport authorities all the key technical and contractual data that can be used to compare the performance of operators especially during tenders or when
procuring new buses.

Unique Driver Console

The driver has a unique console to manage all ticketing and Fleet Management features. Ergonomic screens are designed to facilitate daily use. Based on a modular archi- tecture, the solution offers shared interfaces for common ticketing and Fleet Management modules (topology, customer management).


Hopen Go’N Ticket is a hybrid Solu- tion combining the advantages of a card-centric system with those of the Account based ticketing. The latest technologies are natively integrated: paper Ticket, secured QR-Code, mobile application, post-payment.

Performance analysis

A powerful reporting and analysis module is integrated. It provides reliable indicators with cross-ana- lysis of the sales, validation, control and travel habits of customers. It is open to other third-party systems that go beyond traditional ticketing reporting.