An established track-record

Present in 10 countries, 120 transport networks and employing over 200 employees, RATP Smart Systems specializes in the field of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) and of mobility-enhancement services.
We design, build and operate ticketing, passenger information and Fleet Management systems that encourage modal shift to public transport and durable modes.

  • We work with transport authorities and operators to facilitate mobility.
  • We are the ticketing Operator of the Paris Region, which makes us a global leader in intelligent transport systems.
  • We have placed innovation and operational excellence at the core of our ethos.

Fueled by a passion for innovation, our mission is to move forward a little more each day towards tomorrow’s mobility,
smoother and simpler. Endowed with a daily requirement of excellence, we certify to our
customers a technological
perfection and a relation of trust based on customer personalized follow-up

Innovation at the core of our strategy

To move forward towards more pleasant and more sustainable mobility, we devote 20% of our turnover to research and development projects.
Our employees being our driving force, we have also put implemented a participative innovation scheme to bring ideas from outside the box.

Who are we?

Who are we ?

Our references

Our references

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