Hopen MaaS

Making travelling from A to B
as easy as 123


The Hopen MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solution offers customized travel packages that suit travel habits and traveller pro les. It covers all possible mobility modes, from public transport to private cars, taxis, vehicles for hire and soft modes such as cycling and walking. The solution simpli es travelling and offers users a whole range of mobility modes.

Single app

The core of the Hopen MaaS solu- tion is the integration of all ser- vices to plan, book and pay for travel using several mobility modes, through a single mobile application. Travellers have a single interface to view timetables, plan journeys, get traf c information, pay for and get an e-ticket.

Data analysis

This offer provides transport authorities detailed statistics on travel patterns and transactions using Urban Flows,our data analytics tool. It can also automatically calculate revenue sharing via the clearing house integrated into the platform.